who we are

Lightning Society celebrates contribution. We are a community of mentors, collaborators, and friends committed to expanding each other's lives.


Our mission is to reinvent modern living by crafting meaningful connections and a sense of belonging to create impactful generative communities. Our collective commitment to prioritizing acceptance, combined with supportive, in-person daily relationships makes our community personally liberating, socially responsible and fun.

meaningful talks

Community starts with a conversation. Gathering around ideas is the basis for a long lasting and meaningful relationship.  We collaborate with dozens of other organizations and thought leaders to host hundreds of public events a year at our coliving space in Brooklyn on topics ranging from wellness and personal development to art and design. 

celebrate life

We believe life is a dance, an opportunity to collaborate and make something beautiful with friends. Lightning Society is a platform by the community for the community where members can share their passion and expertise by hosting events. We want to be surrounded by people who inspire us to strive towards a better version of ourselves and help them build communities of their own.  


You don't have to live with us to be part of our thriving circle of friends.  Sign up for our newsletter and come to our events, they are open to the public and we would love to meet you!

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