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  • What is Coliving?
    Co-living, Co-housing, Shared Housing, or Intentional Communities are all variations of the same concept of living in community. Co-living comes in many forms ranging from vibrant communities based on specific values or lifestyles to those that enable Seniors to age gracefully.
  • Is Coliving right for you?
    There are many kinds of coliving communities, some are built around shared values whilie others are organized around industries like tech. This blog post breaks down important factors to consider before taking the plunge. You are choosing a community as much as a lifestyle, so you'll want to be sure that the values of the house align well with your own.
  • Who are Lightning Society?
    Lightning Society is a thriving coliving community committed to the mission of facilitating deeper human connection. We’ve discovered that being part of a community of people committed to contributing to each other’s lives is among the most elemental components of a fulfilling life. We’ve learned that the most meaningful relationships are formed by gathering together for beautiful experiences and thoughtful dialog. With your support, we’ve strived to cultivate a culture that prioritizes belonging, where each of you can be celebrated for your contributions. Lightning Society Lofts in Brooklyn serves as the community hub 17 people call home. The broader community includes over 40,000 people who have participated in our programs and are connected across our social media channels. You can see more here:
  • Who lives at Lightning Society Lofts?
    People across a variety of professions and age ranges live at Lightning Society. The residents are a unique collective of open-minded individuals who are interested in living a meaningfully connected and collaborative life. We value this progressive life experience over the traditional way of renting and owning.
  • How is Lightning Society different from other co-living brands?
    Lightning Society attracts people who are interested in contributing and collaborating with one another to create meaningful lives. We support the growth and expansion of one another. One way we do this is by creating and hosting inspiring and entertaining events at our Loft space in Brooklyn. Most coliving companies like Tribe, The Collective, Common and Ollie are expanding throughout New York with generic, all-inclusive housing options designed to provide pre-furnished medium term housing solutions with little cultural impact. At Lightning Society we’ve built a vibrant community defined by long lasting friendships and extremely low turnover by staying true to our original mission — to support creativity and contribution through culturally relevant programming.
  • Where is Lightning Society located?
    The Lightning Lofts are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn at 245 Varet Street. We are close to the Morgan L and JMZ subway lines, a short distance from many Brooklyn and New York City destinations. Bushwick is globally recognized as a cultural leader with its cutting-edge art galleries, street art, music venues, and nightclubs. We are very close to popular Brooklyn hot spots like Roberta's Pizza, Brooklyn Mirage, House of Yes, and Brooklyn Steel.
  • After I submit the application, what happens?"
    If we have a room priced within your budget, we will reach out to find out more about you, to ensure coliving will be a good fit for you. You will then be invited to meet your housemates and view the room. If there are no rooms available when you apply, or if there are no rooms suitable for you, we will reach out to let you know that you will be added to the waitlist.
  • How quickly will I be contacted with next steps?
    Within 48 hours.
  • If I fill out the application does that mean I’m obligated to rent?
    No, we will arrange a call with you to discuss the options.
  • How long is the lease? Can I rent month-to-month?
    You will be asked to sign a 6 month or 1 year lease.
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