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Thank you for your work with Lightning Society! We want to get you paid asap!


Please follow the instructions below. The faster you fill everything out, the faster we can get you paid! Please do your best to fill everything out before hitting us up with questions. We've done our best to make everything self-explanatory. If you still need help, we're here for you. Just email us at and we'll get in touch right away.

Step One: Getting Your Information In The System (First Time Only)

Thank you for joining the team!! FIRST, it is critical that you complete this form and complete your W9 form so we can enter you into our system. This ensures you are tagged correctly on social media, and that payments are made as swiftly as possible. You only have to do this once.


Please note, you will only receive a 1099 form if you earn more than $600/year at our events.

Step Two: Making a Payment Request

Once you're in the system, use this form to make your request. You will use this form every time you work with us. Just fill in the event details and we'll process the payment as soon as the money hits our account. If there is any problem we'll call you asap to clarify. Do not include any reimbursements due in this request.

Submitting Receipts for Reimbursable Expenses

For any reimbursable expenses, please post a photo of the receipt you need to be reimbursed for to this WhatsApp chat. Be sure to include a note explaining which event it's for. 


Step two, request payment on Venmo. 


  • For event-related receipts: Venmo request @lightningevents 

  • For repairs and other building-related receipts: Venmo request @lightning-society 


This will ensure that receipts for things don't get accidentally added to your taxable income.  

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