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Thank you for making Lightning Society everything it is today.

This is your invitation to join us in building a beautiful new future for the Lightning community. You have been an instrumental contributor and we are excited for you to be a part of our next evolution.

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For two years our team has been developing a new kind of community center. A home for the culture of connection and acceptance which has sparked so many friendships, cherished memories, and nurtured the collaborative creativity that has always defined Lightning Society.

Our social campus will be a place of gathering, a nexus of ideas and exploration, a venue of incredible celebrations, and a third space for friends new and old.

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this new facility will be the largest urban center for conscientious culture in the world; featuring a restaurant, a library, outdoor gardens, theaters and lounges, where members can host community events for everyone.

This is your chance to be a founding member!

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05282023_DiscoBrunch_rooftop__tory.stolper-7066 (1).jpg
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Thank you for all your years of trust and support, it’s the fuel that keeps us going. We are so excited to share this dream come true with you!

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