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Join a community of mentors, collaborators, and friends committed to expanding each other's lives

Lightning Society is growing! We’re excited to announce the pursuit of 2 exciting new locations and we’re accepting new members applications to join our community. Each location offers a lifestyle designed for interliving with the people who share your values and want more out of life through community. We’ve carefully selected these properties because of their proximity to great restaurants and shops, serene outdoor space, and their ability to comfortably accommodate a community of 15+ members.

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A new lifestyle awaits at the Wetherill estate

St. James, Long Island

This newly renovated 20 bedroom estate offers breathtaking views of the harbor with a variety of options including ensuite bathrooms, fireplaces, ocean views, and exceptional privacy surrounded by landscaped gardens.

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A new lifestyle awaits at the Lightning Estate, Quakertown, PA

This newly renovated fifteen bedroom mansion offers serene views across a private lake, spa-like amenities, and thirty acres of land to explore. You will enjoy private pools, hot tubs and saunas, multiple fireplaces, and exceptional privacy surrounded by landscaped grounds.



Our original location, located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Seventeen bedrooms filled with the most interesting people in NYC. At Lightning Society, inter-living is the practice of bringing extraordinary people under one roof to live, work, and change the world together. “Home” is reinvented with a new purpose. It’s a community, an ethos, a series of opportunities for collaboration.