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Lightning Society's goal is to support the creativity of the community members and provide a platform for self-expression.  We are seeking contributors to provide long-form content for the Lightning Society blog in a way that is authentic, interesting and inviting!

Here are themes to paint a picture of what we are looking for. Please suggest topics you feel passionately about with these guidelines in mind.

  • Values: Content should be representative of our values

    • Culturally aware 

    • Progressive and forward-thinking

    • Multifaceted perspectives

    • Collaborative and supportive of one another

  • Community Experience:

    • Thoughtful first-hand accounts from the community illustrating moments that have created possibilities or positively impacted your life. 

  • Macro/Societal:

    • Analytical pieces from a scientific, global, or sociological perspective about the benefits of community or self-expression and how our community relates positively to the rest of the world.

  • Insider Profiles:

    • Interesting interviews or profiles of projects being developed by community members (in-process or review).

  • Event Recaps:

    • Celebrate thought leadership or exceptional community participation. 

Completed submissions must include:

  • Title

  • Synopsis. Captivating, concise paragraph (or sentence) explaining the article. This will be used to get people to click through to the article.

  • Resources. High-quality photos and videos only, with credit. All external resources must include links to the original source. Feel free to ask for videos/photos/other resources if needed. 

  • One line bio. One liner about who you are and what you do. Please link your website or LinkedIn! For example: 

    • Gilaad Amir is the Chief Man-bun Officer at Lightning Society, a community builder, and a great supporter of the man-bun movement.

Length & Compensation: 

  • Short format (250-400 words) = $50

  • Medium format (400-600 words) = $75

  • Long format (600+) = $100

Other Notes:

  • Articles will be posted on and promoted on our social media (17k+ followers) and monthly newsletter. Articles will include a short author's bio including links to their personal blogs or websites. 

  • All blog articles are subject to light edits (approved by writer) and will be native to the Lightning Society website. You’re by all means encouraged to link to the original article on your own personal media.

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